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We want to make sure your event and exhibit process is as easy as possible

We have provided these documents to help you along the way.  Let us know if we can assist further.

Important Documents to read and understand

USE AGREEMENT - Once you decide on the perfect space and date for your event, a 'Use Agreement' will be issued to you.  Exhibit B in the Use Agreement will outline the details of your event.

PLANNER'S GUIDE - This guide contains information that will help you plan a memorable event and is made part of our Use Agreement by contractual reference.  You will find information about your Event Team, a planning checklist, available services, facility operations, rules and regulations, emergency response plan and the Use Agreement general conditions.

If your event involves an exhibit component and/or decorations, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Exhibitor Guide, Decorator/Contractor Guide, Fire Dept. Regulations, Health Dept. Regulations and Digital Signage Guidelines

Important Documents to submit to us in a timely manner

  • Use Agreement: Check the due date on your Use Agreement.  Planning cannot begin until the Use Agreement has been returned and fully executed (with rental deposit)
  • Certificate of Insurance: As required in your Use Agreement
  • Final Event Agenda and Specifications: Preferably one month, but at the latest two weeks prior to your event (the sooner the better)
  • Catering Requirement and Menu Selections: One month prior to your event
  • Catering Guarantee: Three business days prior to your event