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Exhibiting made simple 

Whatever your exhibiting needs, the Spokane Convention Center is here to help. We have exceptional staff, services, and equipment to provide you with an effortless and memorable exhibiting experience.

For a full description of exhibiting services and guidelines please view the 'Exhibitor Services' guide below.


Exhibitor Services Guide

To order Exhibitor Services for your event, please visit the link below.

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One-stop shopping for all your exhibiting needs

All of your services on-site means better quality, efficient customer support and increased value. Our goal is to make sure all your event needs are met and you can look at our service and say ‘wow’.

AUDIOVISUAL – Our in-house Audio Visual Department can provide you with the equipment and services to make your presentations a success. An on-site technician is available during most events to trouble shoot problems as they arise.

ELECTRICAL – The Spokane Convention Center provides all exhibitor and show management electrical needs, including power for registration, show management offices, exhibit displays and presentations. Our licensed electrician will work directly with the Event Manager in ensuring that your event needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

NETWORK/TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Single and multiple line phones, wireless or high-speed data lines, satellite uplinks/downlinks, internet capabilities and local networks are some of the services provided. The Spokane PFD operates a closed wireless network. No outside access points are allowed without prior written approval. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

CATERING – We can create service trays, lunches, and beverage services that will maximize your exhibit ROI, helping your business stand apart and keep you front-of-mind for your guests long after they have departed.  Think amazing dining/snack/sample catering packages to specifically suit your event, exhibit and guests.