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Go Green with Us! 

Built on the scenic Spokane River the Spokane Convention Center Expansion site has great history in concert with the environment. Consuming a large portion of the site of Expo '74, the first environmental worlds fair, the Spokane Public Facilities District realized the importance of preserving the history, the river and the environment. Constructing and operating a sustainable building made perfect sense.

The Spokane Convention Center's expansion is one of the first buildings in the greater Spokane area to be awarded with the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating, becoming only the third Convention Center in the United States to achieve this award.

Here are some of the ways the Spokane Convention Center helps our environment, our community, and our guests:
  • 100% wind power operated
  • Water Reclamation, Filtration, and Separation
  • Use of Recycled Materials During Expansion/Construction Projects
  • Use of Local Building Resources to Help Reduce Emissions and Carbon Footprint
  • Green Housekeeping (GS-37 compliant, low VOC Cleaning products, recycled containers, reusable cloths)
  • Entire Campus Recycling Program (both public and service areas)
  • Energy Management (natural light, non-event day reductions, motion sensors)
  • HVAC Efficiency Management
  • Responsible Purchasing (effort made to purchase reusable, responsible, and recycled products)
  • Composting
  • Responsible Office Procedures/Practices (recycling, energy efficient products, email)

For a full description of green initiatives and green meeting practices please view the 'Green Practices' information sheet below.

Operating in the 'Green'

The Spokane Public Facilities District has adopted an Environmental Policy to operate its venues in an environmentally friendly manner, taking every available opportunity to reduce waste by conserving essential resources, recycling and using recycled materials, and utilizing renewable energy sources whenever possible. Procedures have been developed and communicated in various ways to engage all employees, clients and guests in participating in our sustainable practices.

The Spokane Public Facilities District incorporates the Spokane Convention Center, the INB Performing Arts Center and the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena. Instituting "green" practices in day to day operations, the Spokane Public Facilities District Campus is setting the standard and leading the way for "going green".